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Botan Group Construction Company, one of Iraq's largest privately owned contracting firms, offers general contracting, construction management and design and build services to private and public clients on a wide range of projects. From our Main Office in Baghdad to our regional offices in Suleimaniyeh and Erbil, Botan Group is known for its commitment to outstanding, on-time job completion and remarkable customer service. Our safety record demonstrates our commitment to our employees and clients alike, and our extensive list of repeat clients only goes to confirm their complete satisfaction with our ideology and vision.

Our management continuously seeks innovative construction methods and problem-solving approaches to the construction process. We believe in custom tailoring every aspect of project design, delivery method, site requirements, qualified personnel, construction management must respond uniquely and specifically to the customer's needs.

Botan Group maintains a vision of superior construction and development services. We are a forward-thinking company with a solid background of proven performance and experience. We are ready for the repair, rehabilitation or reconstruction of vital elements of any city’s infrastructure. This includes assessment and repair of power generation and transmission facilities as well as municipal water and sewage systems.

Entering the new millennium, Botan Group has redirected its focus and resources towards being an industrial property management and construction group. Amidst our growth, expansion and diversification, we have not lost site of our core philosophy focusing on product quality, service to clients, responsibility to the community and sound planning for the future.
Botan Group is a full-service company capable of handling today's most complex projects. Our in-house expertise in mechanical, electrical, surveying, controls and commissioning, structural and architectural engineering and field services divisions help us identify key challenges, find solutions early in the construction process, and provide accurate estimates enabling our clients to make informed decisions.

Each of these entities provides focused expertise for estimating, value engineering, commissioning, and self-performing core project components. Altogether, they cohesively coordinate projects more effectively, from early on accurate estimating to smooth close out. The result is better control over project variables, and innovative solutions for our customers.

Today we have grown to become one of the largest general contractors in Iraq and the Middle East, responsible for some of the most challenging projects in Baghdad, Erbil and Sulaimaniyah and other major cities in Iraq.
Botan Group for construction is a Joint venture partnership between three first class group companies:
1. TRANS-SEAS FOR CONSTRUCTOIN LTD. / Baghdad-Sulaimaniyah

In 2001, Botan Group started to manufacture portable cabins in Iraq designed for office use as well as accommodation including isolated sandwich panels, in different sizes, depending on client's request. Those portable cabins come in either a single bedroom with a bathroom en suite, or two bedrooms with one bathroom. We also manufacture portable cabins for use as restaurants, laundries, storerooms, etc.
Moreover, Botan Group provides heavy machinery for sites and camps, including but not limited to electric generators, earth moving equipment, fork lifts, portable water tanks, transportation vehicles etc. All portable cabins at AR'AR crossing on the Saudi border site were manufactured and maintained by our field services division. In 2003 Botan Group signed a contract with the regional Kurdish government in northern Iraq to design and build the following projects:

1. The General library in Halabja
2. Sewage system for Sargalu
3. Warehousing facilities in Halabja.

In 2004 Botan Group signed further contracts with the Kurdish government to open and pave more than 200     Kilometers of roads in the following cities:

1. Sargalu-Sulaimaniyah
2. Halabja-Sulaimaniyah
3. Nal paraiz-Sulaimaniyah
4. Sargalu-Sulaimaniyah
5. Shiwy Qazi-Sulaimaniyah
6. Safakan-Sulaimaniyah.

The Group is specialized in bulk earthworks, constructions, establishing full electrical settings, plumbing, road works, human resources, heavy machinery supply like trailers, excavators, fork lifts, water tankers, fuel tankers, and bull dozers. Botan Group turnkey projects:

1.   Water supply project Rania-Hajiyawa-Chwarqurna/ 18,500,000$/2005
2.   Construction of Taq Taq hospital/ 2,300,000$/2005
3    Construction of dentist group in KOYSINJAQ/1,500,000$/2005
4.   Opening and paving Qara Dagh-Shiwi Qazi Road of 32 km/ 2,000,000 $/2005
5.   Opening and paving 45 km Nalpariz road. 2, 5000,000 $. /2005
6.   SIRWAN stadium and swimming pool building. 300,000$/2005
7.   Halabja medicine ware house.1, 000,000 $/2005
8.   Al-Nasiryiha hospital. /1,800,000 $/2004
9.   Building a Damp in Azmar Valley in Sulaimaniyah city/500 0000 $/2004
10. Public library of Halabja. 1,200,000 $/2004
11. Sewage system of SIRWAN 600,000$/2004 04
12. Sewage system of SARGALU. 600,000 $/2004
13. 200000 m2 of bulk earth work building the dining facilities for US army in 12 locations, beside all the plumbing, electrical works and sewage       system/ 10,000,000$/2003
14. Construction of 120 self-built houses in Delizian area/ 500,000$/2002
     &nb     The Group assets

1. asphalt plant 100 ton/hour 00 ton/hour
2. gravel and crush stone plant 120 ton/hour
3. concrete plant 120 ton/hour
4. concrete brick factory/6000 pieces per day
5. Tile factory/6000 pieces per day
6. Heavy machinery: Truck mixers, bulldozers, trailers, dump trucks, cranes, water tankers….