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Catering services
Botan Group is a leading catering services and food processing company, was established in Iraq in 1995. A year later, we added hotel and camp management as well as providing logistical support to compliment our catering services division. Such support includes but is not limited to house keeping and laundry in urban and rural areas.
Botan Group serves its clients through a team of professionals including cooks, stewards, waiters, housekeepers, laundrymen, engineers, drivers, technicians, etc, in addition to providing all necessary equipment such as cutlery, crockery, laundry machines, kitchen equipment and bedding.
1996-1999 Gulf Catering:
Botan Group was awarded a contract for catering services and camp management by LLOYDS of London across four locations in Iraq. LLOYDS of London, in conjunction with Gulf Catering were responsible for inspecting operations under UN mandate 986 known as the Oil for Food Program.
Sodexho International, partnered with Botan Group, to provide catering services and camp management across Iraq. Our partnership won a contract from Cotecna Inspectors, who had replaced LLOYDS of London, to manage the scattered catering service locations at various border entry points around Iraq such as ZAKHO site (TURKISH border), ALWALEED site (SYRIAN border), TREBIL site (JORDANIAN border), UM QASER site (GULF border) and AR'AR site (SAUDI border). Our Logistical support team did a great job ensuring the smooth running of operations.
1999 Pilgrimage Catering services:
Botan Group catered for 600 pilgrims on a daily basis entering southern Iraq to visit the holy sites at Kerbala and Najaf.
In 2001, Botan Group started to manufacture portable cabins (caravans designed for accommodation) in Baghdad from isolated to sandwich panels, in different sizes, depending on client’s request. Those portable cabins come in either a single bedroom with a bathroom en suite, or two bedrooms with one bathroom, We also manufactures portable cabins for restaurants, laundries, storerooms, offices, etc.
Moreover, Botan Group provided heavy machinery for the aforementioned sites including but not limited to generators, fork lifts, potable water tanks, vehicles etc. All our portable caravans were manufactured by our engineers and technical staff and designed to meet relevant environmental and terrain requirements.
2003-2005 Compass Group plc and ESS Support Services Worldwide in joint venture with Botan Group:
Compass Group, a highly reputable organization specializing in catering and logistical support services and camp management across a broad range of sectors including business and industry, education, health care, leisure, roadside, onshore and offshore, defense, agriculture and in-flight kitchens at a multitude of airports worldwide. We are proud to have partnered Compass Group in operating the following catering locations across Iraq:

Al Kut                                   5000 men per day            3 hot meals
Ad Diwanyia                          3400 men per day            3 hot meals
Al Hilla                                  4200 men per day            3 hot meals
Baquba                                 4600 men per day            3 hot meals
Tirkriet Palace complex          4400 men per day            3 hot meals
DFAC 6                                5000 men per day             3 hot meals
DFAC 7                                3200 men per day             3 hot meals
Basra                                   90 man camp                   5 Star service
Kirkuk                                  4200 men per day             3 hot meals
2003-2005 Al Ghanem Group:
Al Ghanem Catering Group who were subcontracted by KBR partnered with Botan Group to provide catering services and supply chain management to more than 7000 US Army personnel per day at Mousil Airport in northern Iraq, and green zone in Baghdad.
Sodexho Universal and Botan Group won a contract from KBR to provide catering services and food supplies to US army camps located within the Green Zone in central Baghdad. Our staff displayed true professionalism while operating under extremely dangerous circumstances overcoming a myriad of logistical obstacles securing supplies into the Green Zone from a variety of sources outside the capital.
2006- 2008 Skylink Arabia:
Botan Group signed a catering service contract with Skylink Arabia, to provide their staff working at Baghdad international Airport with our five star catering services to more than 100 personnel on a daily basis.