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About Us
Botan Group operates a number of companies providing a wide array of services, including catering service, logistical support, camp and project management. We are proud of our innovative trademark approaches such as our "five star" catering service within camps and border crossings. Our group comprises two main entities, firstly, our construction company providing wide ranging infrastructure services including roads, airports, railroads, commercial and residential buildings, planning and coordinating major projects to both private as well as public sectors. Secondly, our food industries and catering services company , which employs state of the art technology and machinery for food processing and packaging. Botan Group serves its clients with a team of professionals including engineers, skill labor, cooks, stewards, housekeepers, laundrymen, drivers, etc. Botan group created the first hot dog franchise in Iraq serving 48 locations in Baghdad. Our focus is to utilize our experience in performing advanced electro mechanical consulting services, sales, marketing, operations and management. Our technical expertise lies in providing total engineering and IT solutions. Botan Group is proud to have partnered with respectable international organizations in executing a variety of projects in Iraq though which we gained and offered invaluable expertise and built a strong business relationship as well as a mutual understanding of the market.
Botan Group is part of a larger group of companies incorporated in 1995 with a vision and focus dedicated to excellence in its products, services and achievements. Our operational undertakings started in Iraq, where our successes and reputation for excellence has opened up new horizons to encompass the Middle East and beyond.
Vision Statement:
Botan Group has firmly established itself as a high tech services company, which values its suppliers, employees and customers. We develop our own processes and techniques empowering our employees to meet and exceed the most discerning client's expectations. Our processes are geared to serve military as well as civilian objectives. We anticipate expanding our business by securing additional government service contracts in various arenas.